And…we’re off!

4sistersdishWelcome! Glad you stopped by. We are four sisters who love food and travel (and did we mention food?). We test lots of recipes but only save the best. We consider ourselves “foodies” who will eat anything half way decent, critique it to death, change the recipe and make it fabulous!  (In the photo above, from left: Kathy, Tracy, Erin, Robin.)

Tracy, the oldest, is the ring leader. Kathy is second in line; the other sisters would say she is no-nonsense. Robin is number three; we call her the professor. Erin is the youngest; she is the peace-keeper.

We come from a long line of amazing home cooks. Our Mammaw measured nothing. None of us remember her looking at a recipe. Everything from scratch, most things fried, many things from her garden, and batches of biscuits made in an Oklahoma minute. Grandma raised 18 children. She passed on her ability to make things simple and delicious whether cooking for a few or a few dozen. Our love of baking comes from Mom. During our childhood, we did not realize desserts could come from a box. Brownies from a mix were and still are considered a crime against humanity. (You’ll know why if we share our family brownie recipe.)

Over the last few years we have made it an annual event to take a trip, just us four sisters. None of our nine kids, no husbands, nobody. Just us. We’re crisscrossing the country, one over-indulgent food crawl at a time.

All the recipes we share are tried and true keepers. Husband and kid approved.

Hope you enjoy the recipes as much as we do!


9 thoughts on “And…we’re off!

  1. Donna sweetin says:

    Well, I’m impressed! And so excited to read and try all your recipes. I’ve known you girls since you were born, haven’t seen you in forever but thrilled to keep up with you on Facebook. You are all beautiful young ladies!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sherri Johnson says:

    I have so enjoyed the Carmel Cake and the Turtle Bark! Both were beyond delicious! At some point I will venture out from desserts and cook a main course!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. patti says:

    just found you thanks to a post for your bowl of chili!! you are marked as one of my favorites, look forward to trying your recipes!


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