It’s spring & we have some news!

It’s finally spring!!!  A time for starting fresh, cleaning things up, and perhaps making things look a little prettier.  We’ve done exactly that here at Four Sisters Dish! 

For those of you who have been with us on this food-loving blog journey for the last two years, you may have noticed that our Recipe Index page was sort of like someone’s coat closet in the middle of winter – a common theme to the content, but a bit of a mishmash and kind of hard to find what you really needed.  We are so happy to announce that we have completed our spring cleaning project and have published a new and improved Recipe Index Page!  You’ll find recipes better divided into categories and each recipe now has a clickable photo and link of its own. 

You can check out the new index page at Four Sisters Dish by clicking here.  We hope that you’ll keep visiting us as we add to our pages with lots of yummy recipes.  We’d also really appreciate it if you like and share this page – we love sharing our love of great food and are so excited to have you continue on this journey with us!  — Tracy, Kathy, Robin, & Erin

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