Announcing Our 9th Annual Girls’ Trip

Posted by Robin

Okay Friends,

First of all, thank so much for being with us as we’ve started our blog; we’re having fun sharing our recipes with you, and we’re looking forward to sharing more family stories alongside the food soon too!


We are SO excited to announce that we’ve selected our very first since-we- started-blogging trip and 9th annual girls’ trip destination…Charlooootte, North Car-o- lina!

Here’s where we need your help. We only get to do this once a year, so we like to make the most of it.

We always do a lot of eating and shopping, so we could use your input on great restaurants and coffee shops.

We also want to try to get to know the city (places to visit, things to do) as much as is possible in a long weekend, without working too hard, that is. We must also relax while we have the chance, and we are NOT people who overbook a vacation – I don’t ever want my vacation to be more stressful than my regular life, but you know the people I’m talking about….they have every minute schedule from 6am to midnight – fortunately not one of us is like that (to each her own; no judgement – I just would not be a good travel buddy for you if that’s your vacation M.O.)! In fact, we still laugh about the Denver trip when we left for the airport at 3am, and Erin was pretty much a female Weekend at Bernie’s stand-in throughout the first day. We drug her around half-asleep, and she’d begin a sentence normally, and be talking nonsense (and not always with real words) by the end. Highly entertaining as a one-time event, but we did decide we’d make sure Erin’s gonna have to get her sleep as we start a trip…no high intensity travel schedules for us!

Lastly, we’d love your ideas for hotels. We like to stay in a touristy area so we can walk everywhere or take a hotel car or cab. We try to avoid renting a car.

Please share with us what we need to know about visiting Charlotte! If you’ve visited, or better yet if you’re a local, what’s on your list of “musts”? Aaaaaannnnd….go!

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